Monday, 17 February 2014

Well! That happened.

So. Oren is having a live concert from his home studio on the 22nd.  excitemeeeennnnttt. also if you've been wondering the reason I've been absent is because I've had university applications to send off interviews to arrange, work etc. I do apologise D:

Friday, 31 January 2014

Music in the form of Oren

As I am usually blogging from my phone (a Samsung galaxy note 3 it's my baaaaby) you might notice little typos and random letters because I have it set so I can type in around 4 languages at a time so please excuse its transgressions. ( D: the random times when I warp into Japanese are the banes of my existence.) ANYWAY. The person I am here to blog about it a little drop of melodic goodness from Israel and his name is Oren Lavie. I adore his music and therefore have been playing his album on loop for the past week as I find it helps me work :)

feel free to sample some of my favourites

Thursday, 30 January 2014

I know the time lapse between my posts are extremely shameful.. but I have morphed into a strange young adult who works 5 nights a week and also has to deal with classes.. On a happier note I am kinda back, well hopefully anyway as I want to start blogging again ^___^ possibly about music I find artists etc. So to start with. I was in a bit of a random Salemish mood today and so I listened to his albums back to back belting the notes out with the vitality of an overexcited puppy (badly, as always) and thought: apart from collaborations with avicii and such, where has the artist of my youth actually gone? and then I found this video.

As over the years my Swedish has gotten quite rusty I don't quite know what he's saying (maybe Phil can come to the rescue with it at some point later) but Salem is still alive and kicking which is awesome!! I don't mind that he's taking some time out its just good to see him :3

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Today's tunes (I feel so old writing tunes)

I was wandering around the streets of london today (As I do.) and had a particular song in my head the entire time.
This is a cover of a Plain White T's song called Rhythm of Love, Needless to say the duo do the song extreme justice >__> perhaps I might even say they sing it better..Shh I never said that. Anyway I adore it and the fact they didn't edit out little parts were they're having fun and messing up and laughing. Listen and Enjoy :D

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


This is gonna be random songs I listen to/like

Pippo showed me this song by accident and it's very catchy. Pippo is one of my bestest friends in the entire universe and is a norsk god of times. (He's norwegian) Oh and he looks like serious cat which makes me giggle.


Thanks to a friend named Jordan (Yes my name is Jordan but he is a boy and the other half to my musical tastes lol) I found and artist named Mugison who is Amaaaazziinnggg.
Sample a lil of his song To the Bone and make your decision :D

Next is a song I discovered after drifting into the lake of emotion that is Jonsi, His voice reaches corners of your heart you didn't even know existed. <3 p="p">


Another friend's friends' band. I saw them at a small gig a few weeks ago and yhey are the nicest people in person and the front man, Will is a freakin Saint. Awesome people. Amazing Music. Life is good.

Camden. I have this song in my head a lot while walking, either that or I'm listening to it lol.